A simple Solar application


Once you have the Solar PHP framework installed with a basic configuration, it’s time to create a simple application. Starting with something very simple is a great way to learn the framework. Also, you can build upon the simple application as you learn more of the features available.

This post is freakishly long for a blog post, so I paginated it. You will see some links to the pages at the bottom of each page.


Obviously, you need to have the Solar system installed. You can check out my post on how to do that, plus a short screen cast that explains it as well. Additionally, there are some really good resources out there for learning Solar. In fact, most of what I’m going to write here has been previously written. Finally, you should check out the Project Standards section of the Solar manual. Here are some links to resources you should visit.

And feel free to suggest some others as you see fit.

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